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Center Console Boats

Our center console boats are ideal for a variety of outings, from hardcore fishing to family days out on the water island or sandbar hopping. We've built boats that can handle rough water and cruise with ease.

Designed for multifunctionality and prioritizing utility, these boats can be used for everything from fishing adventures to sunset cruises. Our center console models are the perfect all-in-one option for making lasting memories with the family.

These models make it effortless to move from bow to stern, streamlining pathways for your ultimate comfort. Center console boats are designed with an open layout, allowing for unobstructed access throughout the vessel. This design feature is ideal for various activities, from reeling in a trophy fish to wrangling an excited toddler. The wide-open space, combined with walk-around capabilities and strategic placement of storage and seating, ensures our center consoles are always ready for whatever you need.


And the best part is, you can build your dream center console using our Build a Whaler configurator. Customize your boat to include your unique style preferences, power options and favorite features.


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